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Code of Conduct

Our ultimate goal is that all Hale Barns CC's Junior members should enjoy their cricket. Winning is rewarding, but it is equally important that everyone tries their best and fulfils their potential. Another essential aspect of our enjoyment of the game is ensuring we conduct ourselves well, both on and off the cricket field, and uphold the spirit of the game.

Could all parents please ensure that all our Junior members are familiar with the Club's general guidelines on cricket etiquette which are outlined below. We would also request that all parents and players sign the confirmation slip at the bottom of this sheet to acknowledge that they have read and are prepared to follow the code of conduct:

The umpires' decision is final. Dissent will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Explanation of any decision may, politely, be asked for between overs.


  • Always take the field together as a team, led by the captain.
  • Always clap opposing batsman onto the field.
  • Always clap the last pair of batsmen off the field at the end of their innings, walking off behind them.
  • Do not waste time between each ball of an over - throw the ball back to the bowler underarm via the fielders quickly and accurately.
  • Change quickly between overs, not wasting time deciding who should bowl and who should be fielding where.
  • When chasing a ball to the boundary always signal four runs to the umpire by raising your arm as soon as the ball has crossed the line.
  • Bowling
  • Do not practice on the pitch before starting your over.
  • Always tell the umpire your bowling action e.g. right arm over the wicket, etc. before you start bowling. (Note: Umpire can call a no-ball if you do not).
  • Always make sure that the batsman, wicket keeper, umpire and fielders are ready before you start your run-up.
  • Always warn the non-facing batsman if he is out of his crease. You are perfectly entitled to stump his wicket if you have warned him once.
  • Do not run in front of the umpire after you have delivered the ball. Not only will you damage the pitch, but it will also prevent him seeing whether the batsman is out LBW, and when in doubt umpires will always favour the batsman.
  • Never question the umpire's decision.


  • Always support your team-mates when they are batting and clap them in when they have finished their innings.
  • Do not wander off, play football or other games.
  • Always watch the play when you are waiting to bat as you will learn a lot from observing e.g. what the bowling is like, who are the best and worst fielders, etc.
  • Help to keep the scoreboard ticking over, updating it at the end of each over will help your batsmen keep tabs on the current run rate, etc.
  • Do not pester the scorers. It is difficult enough for them to concentrate without the distraction of being asked the score.
  • Always clap the opposing side back in at the end of the game before helping to clear up the ground. If you have been batting yourself, walk off first together with your partner then clap the opposition with your team-mates.


  • Always follow the team manager's and captain's instruction without argument. Examples of bad behaviour:
  • Challenging the batting order
  • Congregating around the captain and asking to bowl the next over
  • Refusing to bowl uphill and/or into the wind
  • Showing disinterest/not concentrating while fielding

Please arrive in plenty of time before a home game i.e. 30 minutes before the start, to help with match preparations and also stay behind to help put away kit/equipment and boundary markers/flags.

Please keep up a smart appearance on the field. White clothes are to be worn in all fixtures unless manager agrees. Please make every effort to wear white shoes and socks and please ensure that shirts are tucked in to trousers.

Bad language and "sledging" will not be tolerated on or off the cricket pitch.

The captains should always shake hands with the opposing skipper and with the umpires, thanking them for the game. It is a good practice if other members of the team do the same.

Take care of all cricket equipment. Keep your own kit tidy and make sure that all Club equipment is placed back in the kit bag after use.

We expect all Hale Barns Juniors to adopt this code of conduct at all times to help enhance our reputation as a respected cricket club.


Your support is vital both to the players and the club both on practise and match days. We would like to point out that we are only able to run one competitive team per age group:U11, U13 and U15 this does means that not every player will be asked to play in those matches. We will try to give as many boys and girls as possible the opportunity of playing in a match, however this is not always possible. We will also endeavour to ensure that all players get to bat and bowl wherever possible. However this cannot be guaranteed in every match but we hope that this balances out over the season as a whole.

We welcome all parents to stay with us on match days to enjoy hopefully the sunshine and the cricket. It is only natural that parents would wish to encourage that sons and daughters during a match but we would ask, however, that parent's refrain from shouting instructions to their children at any point during the course of the game. This is particularly important in the calling for runs, this is a hard skill to master and extra voices distract and confuse young players who have to concentrate very hard when in the field of play as they learn and develop their skills.

Match Days

A fixture list is published on the Club's website

Teams are notified after training on the Wednesday (U11, U13) or Thursday (U15) evenings. Should a player's availability change before match days could they please notify the team manager as soon as possible to allow another player the opportunity of playing.

We would ask players to make every effort to arrive 30 mins before the game is due to start to allow for a proper warm up session and team talk.

We require all players to have, where possible, a complete set of "whites" including a suitable sun hat/cap and to bring any further kit they may have. We would request that all kit is clearly labelled with a player's name. The Club does provide a limited amount of protective equipment, pads, gloves, helmets and abdominal protectors (boxes). We ask that players ensure that they that they have the means of support their abdominal guards.

We also recommend that players are supplied with sufficient drinks (no fizzy drinks or glass bottles please) and that they apply sun cream/block when appropriate before playing.

A match fee of £1.50 is payable by each player at the end of each junior section game, this helps us maintain the standard of kit the club provides.

Neither the club nor its officials are able to offer transport to and from away games. Where possible we will provide directions to away venues at the end of training in the week before the match.

In the event of poor weather it is the responsibility of each player to contact their team manager to determine if the game is on.


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